Thursday, June 19, 2008

The RU3 Defense Campaign Descends on Highland Park

The RU3 defense campaign is holding another action at the
Highland Park Town Council meeting. The RU3 case has been moved to
Highland Park and the court date has been pushed back to August 5th.

The RU3 defendants hope to do press interviews before the town council meeting to generate publicity. The July 15th meeting is at 7pm andheld in Borough Hall, 221 South 5th Avenue in Highland Park, New Jersey. Passing the antiwar resolution in New Brunswick was a great accomplishment, and it's now more important for the RU3 case to pass it in Highland Park!! Let's show the city government that we won't be intimidated to express our first amendment rights to peacefully protest! And let's make a sustainable impact by discouraging the NBPD/RUPD/AND EVERY OTHER NJ PD from issuing unjust charges in the future to student and community activists!!


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