Monday, April 14, 2008

Rutgers Walkout Organizer Recieves Court Summons

On Friday a member of Rutgers Against the War received a summons for activities during the March 27th Rutgers Walkout Against the War. The student was the only person to receive a summons for the activity despite the fact that the walkout was organized by a coalition of multiple groups.

The official charge: “Did engage in conduct which caused a physically dangerous or hazardous condition, specifically by organizing and participating in a protest march onto route 18 disrupting traffic in violation of N.J.S. 2c: 33-2A(2)”

An official response will be released from the student and the walkout coalition about the police charges.


Kian Barry said...

You need to realize that there are consequences for your actions. Deal with it.

ShotBlueDark said...

I don't even know who you are, Kian, but I see your name every where that's attached to anything pro-war. I don't understand you guys, if you believe in this war so much, why don't you actually fight for your cause and join the military? I know plenty of guys that don't want to be there, risking their lives everyday maintaining this occupation, and would love to instead spend time at home with their family.

At least these students fought for their cause and are even risking the suspension of their freedom to support soldiers, Iraqis, and the antiwar movement. What have you done?

Nothing besides making some signs and showing up to counterprotest it looks like while relaxing in your comfortable privileged life...

These summons are just scare tactics and are so trumped up, that they'll have to be dismissed or at least plea bargained down to like a traffic ticket. I totally support these students!!